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Siba Recycling

Siba Recycling specialises in the sustainable reprocessing and disposal of waste tyres. Waste tyres are used tyres that cannot be given a second lease of life and therefore have no saleable value. They can no longer be used as car tyres and are disposed of as waste.

At its site in Uden, Siba is able to shred car tyres into small pieces. These shreds are then taken to granulation companies, which process the shreds to make new raw materials. Car tyres contain three raw materials that are separated from each other during granulation:

  • granulate (finely ground rubber crumb)
  • steel
  • textiles
Shreds laden

These raw materials can be eminently suitable for various purposes. Rubber crumb can be used for the manufacture of play mats, sports surfaces and playground equipment, and in road surfaces, among other applications. The steel is cleaned and is once again used as a raw material. The textiles are suitable for use as a raw material in the incineration industry, among others. This means that scrap tyres are fully processed (in a sustainable and 100% environmentally friendly way) and used for new products, and that they are not disposed of in the environment.

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